H.AZEEM is a high quality natural gemstone jewellery brand based in London. H.AZEEM traditionally sold directly to consumers, usually in small amounts through well-known markets, a difficult and not easily scalable way to get to the end consumer. In order to reach a wider audience, it was decided  to break into the B2B market.

Aztec Ventures stepped in to undertake most of the tasks related to the 6-month project for launching in the B2B market. We did extensive primary and secondary research, identifying the customer target group and the area most likely to grow. We repositioned and rebranded the company, conveying the message of extenuating natural beauty, harnessing its versatility and uniqueness. Finally, we created the marketing plan along with its implementation roadmap.

Through our support, H. AZEEM managed to turn its small budget into a great success, securing 30 stockists within 12 months and becoming a flourishing and sustainable business. At the same time, our combined efforts were awarded with the CIM Marketer of the Year Award!